Tomball Intermediate

Our fifth grade and sixth grade classes are departmentalized.  We have ELAR teachers, Math teachers, and Social Studies/Science teachers per grade.

Fifth grade students have a specials rotation where students attend PE three days a week and two days a week of fine arts (music/art: depending on the part of the nine weeks they are rotated thru.)

Sixth graders have an electives rotation where they attend PE along with a computer class rotation.  Sixth grade also chooses an elective course of Art, Choir or Band.

Language Arts/Reading and Math classes are blocked into 90 minute classes.  Science and Social Studies classes are blocked together as 45 minutes Science/45 minutes Social Studies.

Additional Student Opportunities

We have several programs to help our students reach their full potential.  One-on-one or small group individualized tutoring is available before school by special arrangement with your teacher, during school as part of the campus tiered intervention schedule, and after school by invitation.  After school tutoring will begin in January and run thru April unless special arrangements are made with your teacher to begin earlier in the year.

Extra Curricular Clubs are a popular part of life at TIS. Clubs are sponsored by the staff of TIS. Please see the Clubs & Activities page for more information.  13-14 Clubs will begin in October and run thru December.

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