Tomball ISD Teachers and Staff Awarded Grants

Tomball Education Foundation has awarded eight grants amounting to over $19,000 to be utilized for innovative district projects. This would typically be a festive production, but this year was granted virtually due to COVID-19. Regardless of the current situation, the foundation wants to recognize the hard-work and innovativeness of the TISD teachers and staff members.

This non-profit foundation was created in 2017 to positively impact public education by offering funds for educational projects and activities.  Funds are used to assist student accomplishments and skill development, highlight staff excellence, and improve community involvement. Grants are chosen based on innovativeness and the ability to provide an overall impact to the student body. 

In past years, the foundation has awarded over $105,000 in grants to Tomball ISD teachers and staff members throughout the district. With many of the grants being technology-based, current remote learning is providing an opportunity for teachers and staff members to find new ideas for future grants. 

The following grants were provided to these dedicated schools and staff members of TISD:

The Smile Club Grant -  Willow Wood Junior High’s Suzette Reed, Lisa Stoyak, Susie Plummer and Jenny Fontenot received $1,104 to implement an organization to support mental health through a student-led motivational group. The goal is to provide activities and strategies to support social and emotional challenges.

The Bonding While Building Grant - Ashley Black from Decker Prairie Elementary received $3,600 to purchase a STEM Maker Space Cart

The Steam Station Grant - Kimberleigh Nagel of Creekview Elementary received $3,507 for the creation of a MakerSpace.

The Flexible Seating Grant - Lisa Stoyak of Willow Wood Junior High was awarded $1,500. In order to increase productivity in the classroom, this funding will go towards the purchase of unconventional seating alternatives.

The Osmos and iPads Grant - First grade teachers from Tomball Elementary School received $3,416 to purchase the Osmo System which is compatible with the Ipad. 

The Restorative Practices Grant - Jennifer McCready and Bob Thompson of Tomball Connection’s Academy received $723 to assist with instruction and implementation of positive behavioral practices.

The Peardeck for Students 2020 Grant - Brando Batchelor from Willow Wood Junior High was awarded $750 to implement Pear Deck for the eighth-grade social studies department.

The Virtually Possible Grant - Carrie Ray of Creekview Elementary received $4,525 for virtual reality technology to assist in foundational language skills development.

For more information, visit Tomball ISD  online and learn more about the Tomball Educational Foundation.

SOURCE: Community Impact