Tomball ISD Delays Start of School

Tomball ISD board of trustees has decided to delay the start of school until Sept. 8. The previous plan was to start virtually on Aug. 18 through Sept. 15. Despite the changes, the revised district calendar will still have school ending before Memorial Day.

By delaying the start, the district anticipates they will be able to offer families the choice of face-to-face or virtual learning. Families were asked to choose their option last month and will have the option to switch after the end of the first grading period.

In order to meet the required staff and instructional days and, the district removed all half days, changed Oct. 12 and March 22 to instructional days, and changed Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Presidents Day from holidays to staff development days. The updated calendar does not account for inclement weather days. Should the campus need to close, these days would need to be added on at the end of the year.

Teachers will begin Aug. 11 in order to become proficient with the new learning management system, Schoology. Teachers will also receive additional social and emotional training and set up classrooms in accordance with health and safety guidelines. All teachers will be on campus by September 8 to provide either virtual or face-to-face instruction.

Visit to view the revised calendar.

SOURCE: Community Impact