Tomball High School Student Attended a Summer Internship at Rice University’s Biomaterials Lab

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The Woodtrace community would like to recognize a talented student who attended a summer internship at Rice University’s Biomaterials Lab this past summer. 

Luke Abrams, a Tomball High School junior, spent his summer learning “the basics of tissue engineering, 3D printing and medical device design.” Abrams worked with eight other high school students on two engineering projects for this internship. The students collaborated to create “their own prototype 3D-printed scaffolds” to be used as osteochondral plugs. Rice University’s graduate and post-doctoral students assisted the interns in testing the strength of their devices by placing it in a mechanical testing machine to be crushed. Another project the interns worked on was creating “prosthetic hands with basic grasping functionality.”

Abrams received an amazing opportunity to learn more about the STEM field. This experience challenged him and the other interns to work together to design innovative products that will be able to help many people. The internship gave Abrams a first-hand look at what exactly an engineering position within the STEM world could look like, and possibly motivated him to explore this career path even further! Dr. Anthony Melchiorri, Associate Director of the Biomaterials Lab, was “impressed by the effort and creativity they (the interns) put into designing their own 3D-printed bone scaffolds.”

Great job, Luke! Keep it up. 

This summer internship was made possible through partnerships with Awty International School, Tomball High School, Seven Lakes High School, the Center for Engineering Complex Tissues, and the Rice University’s Biomaterials Lab.

SOURCE: Tomball ISD, Rice University