Options To Lower Energy Bill For Tomball Residents

Have you seen an increase in your energy bill with the entire family working and schooling from home?  Tomball Power Switch is offering an opportunity to register for their energy savings program now through May 19.

The city of Tomball has approved a three-year contract with iChoosr in order for residents to locate the best bargain from energy providers. The Tomball Power Switch program is offered to residents serviced by Centerpoint Energy.

Following registration, residents will receive an online email offer which they can choose to accept or decline. There is no obligation to accept the provided offer. If residents do choose to accept, the Texas Power Switch team will handle making the switch from your existing provider to the new accepted energy provider. 

Offers include a one-year contract with the new provider. Program communication Manager Kelle Bach states, “People who sign up and switch are expected to save around $50 per month.”

Check in to lowering your rates and visit Tomball Power Switch website for more details.

SOURCE - Community Impact