Decker Prairie Elementary Declares a Penny War for a New Playground

coins stacked next to a bank piggy

The Woodtrace community’s elementary school needs help replacing the playground! 

It’s time for parents to collect all of the pennies around the house! Teachers at Decker Prairie Elementary have come up with a super fun way to get students involved in this new fundraiser. The Penny War fundraiser will build a healthy level of competition in each grade level and teach students the importance of teamwork. It will help students understand simple math concepts, as well! 

The idea of this Penny War is that students will drop pennies, one-dollar bills, and five-dollar-bills into the designated bucket for their grade level. Each of these will add a value of .01, 1, or 5 to that bucket. The grade that has the highest total in their buckets will win an “extended recess with treats and activities!” The catch to this is that students can sabotage the other grades by putting silver coins into the other grade level’s buckets. Each nickel, dime, and quarter will subtract .05, .10, or .25 from the total. At the end of this fundraiser, the total amount of money raised will be used to buy new playground equipment for Decker Prairie Elementary!

This Penny War will take place next week from Monday, September 23 through Friday, September 27. Good luck, teachers and students!

SOURCE: Decker Prairie Elementary PTO Facebook Page