Communicating with your Tomball Schools is Easier Than Ever

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There's a better way to communicate with your child's school, Woodtrace community parents!

We’re so happy to announce that Tomball ISD has implemented a new way for parents and students to communicate with their designated schools and district. These new resources will make it easier for parents to stay updated without needing to take time out of their day to get on a phone call or check their emails. 

With the new School Messenger, any information that needs to be sent out to parents and guardians will be received through this app. Parents will be able to choose what kind of information they receive regarding both district and school news or only school news. Be sure to enable to push notifications if you decide to download the app onto your cell phone. It’ll make your life much easier. If your school enables extra features, you’ll be able to update and add other contact information, check on your student’s attendance using SafeArrival, chat with your student’s teacher through Teacher Messaging, and see other information like your student’s grades, lunch balance data, etc. all through your School Messenger app. 
School Messenger aims to provide a secure platform for users and schools to offer the best protection for confidential information. You can sign up using the main email that your school has on your file. Once you verify, you’ll be able to create your password and login. 
To read more about School Messenger for Tomball ISD, click here

If you’re wanting to update the phone numbers for yourself and your students on your own, log into the Home Access Center and click “edit” in the “Contacts” widget. For more detailed instructions, click here

To stay further updated, we’re linking a full clickable list of Tomball ISD’s official social media accounts to this post for your convenience. You’ll find department and campus social accounts, which will make it easier for parents and students to find the specific school accounts that pertain to them. Click here to see the full list. 

More about School Messenger here
Instructions for Changing Contact Information here 
Tomball ISD’s Official Social Media Channels